Serenity Farm, Inc.
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Farm Heritage Conservancy

A new non-profit has been formed to
"Reconnect People to the Land through Preservation, Cultivation, and Education!"

Our Mission

“To Reconnect People to the Land through Preservation, Cultivation, and Education.”

Our Vision

“We will engage, inform, and inspire the public as we build on the unique heritage that is Southern Maryland.” 


We will become a leader in Agricultural Preservation, preserving landscapes, buildings, plants, and the history of the people who have worked this land.  An important emphasis will be placed on the preservation of The Burial Ground at Serenity Farm, the final resting place of enslaved African-Americans from the late 1700’s to the mid 1800’s.


We will cultivate the land in service to our community, providing fresh produce to local food banks, so those less fortunate may have access to healthy food.  We will provide important opportunities for the public to connect to the food they eat through active participation in agriculture.


We will become a premier provider of educational programs, tours and events that will engage the public in the dynamic agricultural and historical significance of our region.  We will create an authentic experience for the public, engaging them in the lives of all who have lived and worked the land that is now known as Serenity Farm, including Native Americans, Europeans, and African-Americans. 

Won’t You Join Us?!

We are a non-profit organization that accepts tax-deductible donations.

Please make checks payable to the

Farm Heritage Conservancy

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 226

Benedict, Maryland 20612

(Attn: Daniel Callis, Treasurer)

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